April 20, 2013

The Recipe : Triffle Leleh


I want you to stare the picture below about 15 seconds.
Only 15 seconds.
is it looks delicious or not?
Delicious as it looks?
looks delicious?
or not?

Haha. Nonsense!

triffle style leleh

Here is 'the resepi' for you my dearest friends. Especially, Cikgu Hanim who are like to 'cook-cook' lately. She told me via fb: she wanna do that 'kek kukus coklat moist' today. Just wait for her reply maaa. Hmm, or maybe one day, my dearest cousins Na and Adik Ah are eager to make this then Google it out how to make this 'triffle' and unexpectedly mine will pop-up on their screen. Haha *KOYA! [really hope that they ever notice/see this blog]  

I took this recipe from Kak Jue (one of the teacher at my school). But without her permission, is it that ok if i just put her recipe here? Is it cool? Hmmm. I just considered that she would never care bout this. Hope so. PUHHHHH kiri PUHHHH kanan. Okay, here we go!

Triffle :

2 gulung kek strawberry (gulungan pendek)
1 cawan tepung kastard (she use Bird's Castard)
1 cawan gula
5 cawan air
1/4 butter (250gm: i prefer buttercup) [plusminus 2 sudu besar]
1 kotak jellly Nona (strawberry flavor or any color that u like)
1 tin fruit cocktail
2 cawan air mendidih

Lapisan I :
Potong kek lapis (dalam 1 inci lebih) dan susun selang-seli warnanya dalam loyang. Siram dan tuangkan air fruit cocktail ke atas kek yang disusun tadi. Biarkan sebentar

Lapisan II :
Air-Gula-Kastard-Butter = Masukkan dalam periuk, kacau dahulu sebelum letak atas api. Kemudian, kacau atas api hingga masak.*Masak- jadi likat dan bahan mula jadi 'blup blup blup'. Haha. Sorry, i can't describe it well. 

Lapisan III :
Bancuh 2 cawan air mendidih beserta dengan serbuk jelly Nona. Suamkan.

Curahkan kastard atas lapisan I.
Curahkan Jelly suam, taburkan buah-buahan ke atas lapisan II.
Akhir sekali. Masuk peti ais dan makan! Heeeee

Okay! It's done! For your information, my 2nd layer is not really too likat. So that's why i've caption it as "triffle leleh". Keh keh keh. Just try it out! Goodluck :)

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