May 28, 2013

My Precious Students - 2A


to you
sorry for annoyed u with all my post here
all of these entry are something quite important to me
something that i'll never forget
something that i'll remember it back one day
so, i do this
remember things by writing down here
and for sure 
i will miss 'em
and i know i need to remember it
so please, 
love my entry as u love me. *wink
the moment after Muaz gave me a cute mute cupcakes. Thanks :')

Fakhri? He's a shy person. Tambah lagi dok tepi Dinie.keh3

Caption to me their name please?hmmmm

Amira iryani, Aqilah, Fasiha Nabilah n me. Sporting! like.

During PnP 2 pm to 3.20 pm. *tabur gula-gula 

before PnP: allowed 'em to pray first and rest with their 'air tea o beng'

*alahai, i never thought that they loved me this muchhhh

i have another 3 classes actly.
But later la eh?
i boring i tulis2 lagi.
Thanks Allah for all of these 3 months memories.

So, thanks for all of u dear students.
even i am only your replacement teacher there,
but your cooperation and your attitude tell me everything.
i wish and do really hope.
I'll meet all of you again if Allah let me :')
2013 in memory.

p/s: kembali membaca buku-buku yang terbengkalai di ghummmaaaahhhhhhhh. aaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

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